Why I love “crystal meth”

And why it’s essential to online course success

Glen Long
2 min readMar 30


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I’ve no idea what spam filters will make of this subject line.

(Or which police watch lists I might end up on as a result.)

But I simply couldn’t resist…

Because the truth is, I love helping people to “crystallise their method”. (Or “crystal meth” for short.)

In other words, turning a working process that’s informal and instinctive to one that’s designed and deliberate.

In fact, it’s essential for building an online course.

You see, a course is just a way to guide people through a process that gets a particular result.

And if you’re not clear what a “one-size-fits-all” version of your process looks like, you’ll struggle to build a course around it.

Even if you don’t end up building a course, crystallising your method will help you do what you do in a more consistent, repeatable way.

Also, having a clear road map will give anyone you work with extra confidence that you’re following a proven path, not just winging it.

So what does your method look like?

What major steps do people need to take?

What important decisions do they need to make?

What significant milestones will they pass along the way?

If you can nail those questions, you’ve done half the work of planning out your course.

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