A practical guide for course creators

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What is Onboarding?

In a nutshell, your onboarding…

You have more control than you think

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The Three Magic Levers that Control Your Course Creation Timetable

In practice, lots of factors can affect how quickly you can create your course:

Three easy ways to reach course name nirvana…

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Why You Should Spend More Time Naming Courses than Children

If you’re a parent, you probably spent a good amount of time pondering the name of your first child. (Or dog, or hamster, or favourite garden gnome.)

No two online course launches are the same, but most fit one of these three popular models

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#1 The Beta Launch

(aka The Soft Launch)

Here’s how I’m building a business from zero (it might not work)

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Here’s the reality that lies behind all the hype…

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Here are some great ways to do it…

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Here’s what I learned

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Glen Long

I help smart people turn what they know into valuable digital assets like online courses.

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