Here’s how I’m building a business from zero (it might not work)

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At the end of 2019, I resigned from my job of seven years, not knowing that the pandemic was just around the corner. Three months later, just as my role was winding down, Covid-19 was ramping up.

The irony wasn’t lost on me. As people started losing their jobs in droves, I was voluntarily leaving a 100% remote, six-figure role that I enjoyed, in a business that was largely unaffected by the virus. (I ran operations and built online courses for a remarkable 7-figure entrepreneur.)

But I was ready for a new chapter. …

Here’s the reality that lies behind all the hype…

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You hear a lot of hype about online courses these days.

The big pitch usually goes something like this…

“Simply package your passion as an online course, advertise it on Facebook, and watch the cash roll in.”

Except for the vast majority of people, it’s not that easy. (And the people making it sound that way usually want to sell you a product teaching you how to do it.)

But dubious promises undermine the fact that an online course can be a valuable addition to your business portfolio. …

Here are some great ways to do it…

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Thinking of creating your first online course?

Exciting, isn’t it? After all, the rewards can be significant. Not least, the chance to create a revenue stream for your business that isn’t tied to your time.

But the truth is that most first courses are total flops, leaving their creators wishing they hadn’t bothered.

And the tragedy is that many could’ve been successful, if only they’d avoided some obvious pitfalls right at the start.

Fortunately, this post puts those perfectly avoidable problems on your radar, so you can steer smoothly around them.

So here are the most critical mistakes you can…

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So you’ve decided to build an online course. Excellent!

Pretty soon you’ll need to decide what it’ll include. In other words, you’ll need to create an outline.

But high-level planning like this can feel daunting. And frankly, unless you’re a course geek like me, you’re probably more excited about creating the content than designing a detailed “table of contents” for your course.

The problem is that without some kind of big picture outline, you risk creating a course that’s muddled and difficult to navigate. …

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It seems like everyone and their dog wants to create an online course these days.

And you can understand why. The idea of packaging your knowledge into a sellable product is enticing. Instead of always exchanging your time for money, you can start building assets that work for you round the clock.

In reality though creating an online course, even a small one, is tough. When you look at the different skills required to produce a high-quality course, it looks more like a job for a team than an individual.

That said, if you are building a course on your…

Here’s what I learned

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At the end of 2019, I decided to leave my role at Smart Blogger, the seven-figure online business I’d called home for almost seven years.

If you don’t know Smart Blogger, you might know its remarkable CEO, Jon Morrow. Born with spinal muscular atrophy and unable to move from the neck down, Jon built a business around his writing and blogging — using only his voice, speech recognition software, and a mouse he can move with his lips.

His decade-long journey from near bankruptcy (threatened by crippling medical bills) to blogging phenomenon and millionaire is both incredible and humbling.


Glen Long

I help smart people turn what they know into valuable digital assets like online courses.

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